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A wonderful review of Bone baby. Thank you whoever you are.


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 I might just have to look at my elderly neighbour in a different light. 1 January 2018
What an amazing piece of writing. There’s really just two main characters holding this story together, but it is thoroughly engrossing from start to finish. You really can’t think ahead to where it is going, as Lily’s attempts to hide the truth threaten to backfire at every turn. To me, this sort of writing sets an author apart from the rest because visualising the characters, the settings and the turmoil was effortless. Lily seems so quiet and frail yet she is full of surprises.

I was trying to think if there was anything I could find fault with – and no is the answer, although I would love to know what the deal was with the substance on the lock of hair? I kept thinking that might lead somewhere else – that it wasn’t human hair or it wasn’t a baby’s — that was clearly just my over-active imagination, but I would love to know if it was originally meant to go somewhere or if it was just a red herring?

But, this is a great book. I could imagine it being a TV drama. Wonderful – thank you.